Why Choose Managed WordPress Hosting & Maintenance? (2020)

Is your WordPress website slow to load and you often find that some of its functions either don’t quite work or break regularly?. There could be a number of reasons for this but probably the easiest way to fix them is to use WordPress specific managed hosting with ongoing maintenance.

So what’s WordPress specific hosting I hear you say, surely hosting is just hosting. Well, that did use to be the case. If you have a WordPress website now, the good news is that you have excellent options for much higher performance, security and reliability.

So much faster

This is driven by hosting that’s especially built for WordPress sites, making them much faster and more reliable. How much faster?…well we regularly see sites load in just a quarter of the time or even less than they did before they moved over to Level Ten. Pretty amazing.

That kind of performance increase can have a significant positive impact on the sales or leads coming through your site…plus Google really loves a fast website. So you can often see improved rankings for your keywords in Google too. It’s a win win. Oh and by the way, your site will be secure from day one with us, we include free SSL security as standard.

Your site – updated and maintained by experts

Ok so now you know that hosting optimised for WordPress is a great idea. Now, what about keeping your WordPress site updated month in, month out. There seem to be endless updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself available each month. Who will take care of those for you? Your agency?…yes at a cost and that can really add up. Your developers?…they’ve got enough on their plate already. What about if you just leave the updates?

Unfortunately that can cause all kinds of problems that your customers won’t thank you for – functionality issues, security holes, you name it. So what to do?. Most hosting companies, even ones with premium managed WordPress hosting, don’t offer ongoing maintenance and care plans. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our plans include ongoing maintenance as standard, to regularly back up your site, update it’s WordPress theme, plugins and WordPress itself. Keeping your site up to date and out of trouble. Peace of mind while you get on with running your business. In our higher plans there’s even development time included, so if you need changes to the site, we can help you.

Website migration done for you

Right, that’s great hosting and maintenance covered, what about moving your site over from your current host – surely that’s going to be painful?. Absolutely not, we’ll back up and migrate your site for free plus also check its up and running exactly how it was.

So how does this all stack up – let’s see what you get:

– Fully optimised, high quality managed WordPress hosting
– Its super-fast, secure and reliable – with 100% uptime, guaranteed
– Ongoing maintenance and updates of your sites’ themes, plugins and WordPress all taken care of. Plus 24/7 support from WordPress experts
– Free migration of your site over from your current hosting company
– Development time each month included on higher plans

Sound good?..Great, next step is to sign up and we can then get your site migration scheduled for when its convenient for you.


What is managed WordPress hosting?

With an array of different web hosting options available, it’s all too easy to get lost an endless loop of technical hosting jargon. Let’s zoom in to learn exactly what managed WordPress hosting actually is.

Instead of just hosting your WordPress site on any old server, managed hosting for WordPress is built specifically to optimise the performance of WordPress websites. This makes them faster and more reliable with stronger security. It does this by using server technology called Nginx. This clever server technology is optimised for speed and is much more efficient at loading WordPress websites than more traditional Apache server technology.

As well as a super optimised server, managed WordPress hosting also includes all the highly technical configuration and updates that normal hosting services may require you to set up. This saves you time and you can be assured that you’ve got dedicated hosting experts looking after you site.

So what are the benefits of this? – plenty, see below:

– Speed

In addition managed hosting comes with secure HTTPS loading of your site built in and regular backups of your site, automatically created. It even extends to specialist support from highly experienced engineers to ensure that your site performs as optimally as possible.

why managed wordpress hosting?

What is the difference between shared hosting and WordPress hosting?

Shared hosting simply means that many websites share a server. Web hosting companies are therefore able to offer very cheap prices for shared hosting.

The downside is that there are usually hundreds of websites on each server. This can affect your site’s performance and support can be slow and unhelpful.

WordPress hosting differs from shared hosting because the hosting servers are set up specially for WordPress websites.

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?

Yes!. In fact managed WordPress hosting actually represents significant value. Headline grabbing web hosting deals of $5 per month may sound amazing, but when you start to weigh up what you actually get, they are often underwhelming. For instance:

How many sites will be on the server? – cheaper hosts can have hundreds of sites on a server, eating up bandwidth and slowing your site down.

How much learning and configuration will you have to do to set your site up? – Cheap hosts are mostly DIY offerings, often with a steep learning curve. Your time is valuable, right?

Will your site be fully secure? – You’ll have to buy a separate SSL certificate and add it to your site in many cases.
What’s the support going to like when you need it? – Cheap hosting support can be really slow and frustrating.
Will the server be slow or even worse have significant downtime? – This is a big deal.
Will you be stuck in a long contract? – Look out for the small print, many hosts will want you to pay for a whole year upfront.
Who will carry out the WordPress updates for your site to make sure its up to date and working properly? – Even most premium WordPress hosting companies don’t offer ongoing updates and maintenance.

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